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specializing in the sales of economic plots
We run the server bioreality.cz
If you are not repeatedly buying or selling properties, you could welcome our quality and current knowledge of the land market. We have a good team of specialists with experience in agriculture and forestry. We operate our own specialized website.  Therefore, we have been representing the owners during the sale of economic plots for ten years now, for example, owners of agricultural farms and land, ancestral homesteads, forest estates and breeding ponds. Specialization in representing owners during the sales of forests makes up a large proportion our projects. We do not handle the purchasing of properties; we only represent the owners and choose from a number of investors and mostly from an extensive list of subjects involved in agriculture and forestry.  Most of them are agricultural companies, private farmers and current forest owners and wardens. 
During representing of owners, we guarantee:
- defending the interests of only the parties which we contractually represent
- professional approach and presentation of contracts on the largest Czech real estate servers and on our private specialized server
- We are able to adapt the agreement according to your specific needs and requirements (the length of the representation, specific terms, or form of presentation).
We also offer the following services:
- Settlement of co-owners shares,  especially owners, who have long been dissatisfied in the position of co-owner
- placement of farming buildings on agricultural land for farmers, who were unsuccessful during a visit of the construction office 
- assessment of the real return from forestry, mostly in the form of a combined forestry and economic audit
- Measurement of inventories of wood mass in the growth and „standing“ sorting, in case of sales of the felling growth
We do not engage in the direct purchase of real estates. We are an individual member of the Czech Association of real estate agencies.
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We believe you will be fully satisfied with our expertise and proven care.
We wish you a lot of success during the sale of your properties.
Bioreality s.r.o.
Ing.  Jiří Loskot
Tel.:  +420 774 235 689
Ing. Dominika Loskotová  (for communication in English and French)
Tel.: +420 737 030 746
E-mail: loskot@bioreality.cz
Skype: bioreality.cz
Website:  www.bioreality.cz
Operating throughout the Czech Republic.